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Some people think the Crucifixion only took place on Calvary. They better wise up! Taking Joey Doyle’s life to stop him from testifying is a crucifixion….And every time the Mob puts the pressure on a good man, tries to stop him from doing his duty as a citizen, it’s a crucifixion. And anybody who sits around and lets it happen, keeps silent about something he knows that happened, shares the guilt of it just as much as the Roman soldier who pierced the flesh of our Lord to see if he was dead. 

On the Waterfront (1954), directed by Elia Kazan.

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Sam Shaw: Marlon Brando, One-Eyed Jacks, California, 1958-1959.
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from what movie is this gif? media*tumblr*com/tumblr_limh24LFXZ1qaslu8*gif

Its from a 1947 screen test he did for Rebel Without a Cause (no relation to the 1955 production with James Dean). The whole video is on youtube if you’re interested!



"As a young man, Brando took himself and his work very seriously. So much so, that he ultimately revolutionized the art form, influencing the budding greats of his own time from James Dean to Paul Newman. He first studied with acting coach Stella Adler, herself a devotee of Russian theater director and actor Konstantin Stanislavski and his notion of “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” Adler famously instructed her students, “Don’t act. Behave.”

For Brando, that meant discarding the formal diction and stiff demeanor that characterized the performances of early matinee idols such as Gary Cooper or Tyrone Power for a more natural style of speech and more realistic body language. It also meant he researched his characters tirelessly to bring the most authenticity to each portrayal, a technique foreign to American actors at the time. Despite his hard work, though, Brando was rarely satisfied with his own performances and quickly became disillusioned with Hollywood.” (x)

Prop newspaper from The Godfather (1972)

Marlon Brando on the set of On the Waterfront with author Bud Schulberg, 1954.


Marlon Brando on location in Japan during the filming of The Teahouse Of The August Mooncirca 1955.

Marlon Brando on the set of One Eyed Jacks, 1960.

Marlon Brando photographed by Ronny Jaques for the broadway play, A Streetcar Named Desire c. 1948

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Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint on the set of On the Waterfront, 1954.

Marlon Brando at Universal Studios photographed by Leo Fuchs, 1962

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Marlon Brando with his Oscar for On the Waterfront, 1955.